BLACKPINK AR-free live singing amazes netizens

06 Jul 2020 / 14:51 H.

BLACKPINK’s live singing on Inkigayo has received lots of good praises and admiration from netizens.

On July 5, BLACKPINK performed on the SBS music program and sung live without any extra AR layers during the encore.

The way they sang felt effortlessly done and they looked so at ease doing it as can be seen in the video below.

BLINKs promptly uploaded fancam clips of BLACKPINK members singing live without AR, a testament to the singing prowess of the women of BLACKPINK.

On another note, you can try dancing like BLACKPINK with their How You Like That dance performance video.

Even if you can’t do it as well as them, at least you’re getting some cardio and exercise in!

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