BTS V achieved an Arab All-Kill and more titles

30 Jun 2020 / 16:24 H.

BTS V solo songs Sweet Night and Inner Child achieved an Arab All-Kill, meaning the songs achieved top spots in all charts of 8 Arab countries.

His songs reached the #1 spot on iTunes Top Songs Charts in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan.

According to All K Pop, it’s very apparent that V is very popular in Arab and often goes viral among Arabian locals.

In other news, V has also been crowned as the King of Youtube. According to Polinews Korea, he’s so popular until his image is used by Youtube content creators as their video thumbnails in order to increase engagement.

V also holds the title of the most-watched and most-liked idol fancam in history for his M2 Boy With Luv fan cam of 2019. His performance of ON holds the record for the most-watched solo fan cam in 2020.

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