Covid-19: Outrage as suspected case irresponsibly walks into safe zone to get examined by doctor

23 Mar 2020 / 13:50 H.

A MEDICAL doctor recently expressed her anger in her Facebook over a selfish and irresponsible patient who refused to admit he attended the Sri Petaling tabligh convention.

The doctor said a young man came in with his father whose face was pale, sweating and breathing very fast, claiming that the latter has been expriencing breathing difficulties.

Health officers asked whether any of them or their family members had joined the tabligh gathering which was met with no clear response from the man, leading the doctor to force an exact answer from them.

The father then admitted that he joined the gathering but he felt fine, which shocked the doctors and nurses.

When probed further, the senior citizen then raised his voiced telling the medical officers that he was not sick and he did not have any symptoms.

The doctor said the conversation became tense, and medical workers had to shout and make themselves heard, and to get the message across as the man kept yelling, claiming that it was not wrong for him to go to the tabligh gathering.

He then again told another shocking truth saying that he had done a screening one day ago but the result was still pending. The doctor’s rage just heightened up because the patient who was a suspected case did not self-quarantine and put everyone who was in the safe zone at risk of getting infected because they were not wearing the full PPE suit.

The doctor was clearly displeased at the man’s irresponsible act as he would never be let into the safe zone if he had told the truth during the first screening.

“If he has been honest, we will bring him to a different place and screen him where everyone is protected - full suit and away from innocent citizens who are sick,“ she said.

The man was asked to leave the zone because he was putting everyone at risk which he refused, saying that “our time is destined by God, our death is only upon his command”.

Too angry to continue the conversation, he had to be forcefully removed and the zone was evacuated for disinfection process.

All patients were transferred to other zones and all medical workers had to shower and change into a new set of clothes.

She urged people to stop being irresponsible and follow the procedure set by Health Ministry to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

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