Covid-19: Sex workers forced to take their business online

07 Apr 2020 / 09:05 H.

WHILE some of us are forced to work from home during lockdowns or Movement Control Orders (MCO), the same applies to sex workers to abide by social distancing protocols.

“It’s not about flashing ya body and earning big bucks”, wrote UK sex worker Gracey on Twitter.

“It takes ages to gain an online following and even longer for [them] to buy your content.”

As BBC reported, these sex workers who go online to make money will have to give a cut to the platform they are using. In addition to that, they would have to spend money on items like lighting, toys, and tripods.

Some sex workers are even saying that they enjoyed a certain degree of privacy when dealing with one-to-one clients, but now all that is gone when they start taking their work online.

And going online comes with a set of risks such as their video feeds getting stolen uploaded on other platforms, plus of course the invitation of stalkers.

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