#CucukMYAZ hashtag tickles netizens

07 May 2021 / 11:44 H.

The AstraZeneca vaccine rollout has started today and many Malaysians who qualify for the jab have tweeted their experience. In typical Malaysian style, there’s humour found in the tweets as well.

Most of the tweets are accompanied with the hashtag #CucukMYAZ. At first glance and when read aloud, the hashtag sounds like ‘cucuk my a** (poke my a**).’

Malaysian netizens certainly did not miss the double meaning that can be derived from the hashtag and had a little laugh.

So, who came up with the hashtag? Following the hashtag on Twitter, it turns out that user @rincredible came up with it.

“Because it came up more than a couple of times – yes, I know what #CucukMYAZ sounds like when you say it out loud and it’s VERY intentional,” @rincredible wrote.

“Give me some credit la, I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for over a decade and been paid to write for almost two.”

Another netizen @swishy_tail also shared that their 80-year-old parents love saying the hashtag out loud when they discuss about their upcoming vaccination appointments.

The parents also introduced the hashtag to her brother and now think they’re ‘media sosial hipster emas.’

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