BEING rudely awakened by the sound of revving engines and loud exhaust noises in the dead of night is beyond frustrating, and it’s understandable why someone would want to voice their discontent.

One disgruntled man did just that when he admonished a group of car enthusiasts in a residential area believed to be in Bandar Sri Damansara.

The ruckus of engines revving in the middle of the night irritated the man who yelled at the race car enthusiasts for being inconsiderate towards those living in that area, occasionally peppering his lines with swear words as heard in the viral TikTok video by @lansilifechannel.

“This is a residential area. Why is it so hard for you to understand? You guys have common sense, right?

“Can’t you see (that there) are houses?! Houses! What time is it now? Be understanding, lah!” he yelled at the gathering.

He then pointed out to those trying to record him that he can do the same and how he has captured “every one” of their license plates, also waving around his police report to the crowd.

The enraged man also pointed out that all of the race car owners are probably from somewhere other than the area.

“(Do you) have any idea where you are? Huh?! You are not from this area. Correct or not? Why so (silent)? I’m asking you a question! Why have all of you shut up now?

“(Why are) you scared now? Your car’s noise (was) very loud,” he said, addressing the crowd once more.

Netizens praised the man for his courage in confronting the group of car lovers on their noisy gathering disrupting the residential community’s bedtime.

“Honestly speaking, I agree with this man. It’s utterly preposterous to be revving up your car at midnight. People are trying to sleep.,” a netizen said.

“Kudos to this brother for standing forth for every resident’s right,” a netizen remarked.