A BRIDEGROOM has suffered multiple injuries after being hit by a car while escaping from a wedding rite in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou.

In the notorious wedding hazing rite on Nov 24, Ai Guangtao ran on to a highway near his home on his wedding day to get away from his friends.

Guiyang Evening News reported that the 24-year-old groom’s body was painted with black ink and he was wearing only his underwear is bid to escape the rite.

His guests had threw eggs at him, poured beer and ink on him, tied him up with plastic tape to an electric power pole and beat him with a strip of bamboo.

Ai ran away after breaking free as he could no longer tolerate the ragging.

“Just looking at it was painful. He was then forced into a dead corner beside the highway and had nowhere else to go,” his aunt Chen Xiaomin was quoted as saying.

Ai was hit by a passing car after he jumped over a fence on to the busy highway.

“Those who took part in the wedding hazing were all Ai’s good friends. But it hurt the entire family as a joyful occasion turned into a tragedy,” Chen said.