HK actor Bosco Wong’s three rules for future girlfriend deemed unreasonable

29 Jun 2020 / 16:37 H.

Hong Kong actor and entrepreneur Bosco Wong has led a successful career in the entertainment and restaurant industry.

However, the 39-year-old actor is still very single although he has been on several dates and relationships.

His last relationship was with Myolie Wu and they were together for eight years before splitting in 2012.

Since then, he has been rumoured to be with Vanessa Yeung and a Japanese model Jun. It is also rumoured that he cheated on Rose Chan with Sophia Zhang.

Upon hearing the rumours, both Bosco and Sophia debunked the news and insisted that they were just close friends and colleagues.

With several unsuccessful couplings, perhaps his terrible luck in love is due to his three golden rules he shared in an interview.

His first rule for his future girlfriend is that she has to accept that he prioritises his friends more and thus she cannot be clingy.

The second rule is that she must not question where he goes and the third rule states that she must be understanding about his high profile status.

In other words, she must not get jealous or angry because there would bound to be rumours regarding him.

At first glance, his rules showed that he has a simplistic and unreasonable view about women as partners.

Netizens were unsurprisingly puzzled by his request.

“Is he looking for a partner or a plaything? Is his girlfriend not allowed to have feelings and she should just wait for him to give her the time of the day?” a netizen asked.

Another user added, “Good luck getting a girlfriend who genuinely loves you. She might just tolerate your ego for your money.”

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