Indian filmmaker says rape should be legalised

09 Dec 2019 / 10:55 H.

AN Indian filmmaker has courted controversy after saying that “women should cooperate with rapists and carry condoms”.

Danial Shravan (pix) made the remarks in social media after a veterinarian’s charred body was found. Priyanka Reddy, the victim was gang-raped.

Among the shocking things the Indian filmmaker said was rape isn’t a serious thing and suggested the government to legalise rape with violence.

He reasoned that a woman ‘should accept men’s sex’ and she wouldn’t be killed once the man has fulfilled his sexual desire.

“The rapists are finding a way to fulfil their bodily desires and therefore, they get these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes crime like murder. Better women should accept rape and not fight it,” he wrote.

He added that Indian women after the age of 18 should be educated about rape and carry condoms and dental dams.

“‘If you are about to get raped, hand over a condom to the rapist and cooperate with him while he fulfils his sexual desire. That way he will not try to harm you.”

He added, women defending themselves using the pepper spray frightens the rapists. He even argued that the law against rape (Nirbhaya Act) is foolish because it can’t control rape just like how killing Osama bin Laden wouldn’t stop terrorism.

Several netizens have called for his arrest and expressed concern about how women can’t feel safe living in India. According to Daily Mail, Shravan’s comments have been deleted.

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