Influencer caught in a storm after pictured without headscarf

28 Jan 2020 / 15:03 H.

A LOCAL influencer has been caught in a storm after a picture of her without her headscarf went viral.

Photos of Sharifah Rose holidaying in Phuket which were meant to be private, was uploaded on Instagram by her friend and screenshot by netizens.

In the picture, she is seen walking next to a man believed to be her date, not wearing a headscarf.

This led to netizens queuing up to criticise her.

She responded on Twitter, pleading to be forgiven and seeking for the matter to be put to rest.

Sharifah admitted her mistakes and claimed that “it was the stupidest 10 minutes of her life”.

She said she took off her cap which she initially wore to hide her hair because the cap had gotten wet. She also claimed that her friend posted her photo on Instagram without her knowledge.

“It was a mistake and I am now learning the hard way. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me,” she stated in the post.

However, there were netizens who also leapt to the defence of Sharifah, urging her critics to mind their own business.

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