Local air stewardess sacked for being 700 grams overweight

23 Feb 2020 / 12:08 H.

FLIGHT attendants are known for their good looks and near-perfect customer service. But little did we know, they face a fair bit of discrimination.

Ina Meleisa Hassim, a flight supervisor for a local airline was allegedly sacked for failing to meet the latter’s weight requirements. The company said the requirement were in place “to maintain the airline’s image as a premium airline”.

Because she was 160cm in height, she couldn’t exceed having the bodyweight of 61kg according to company’s guidelines. When she weighed in at 61.7kg, she was considered unfit to serve as a flight attendant.

A case was brought to the Industrial Court by Ina claiming wrongful dismissal. Unfortunately, the court decided in favour of the airlines.

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