Local singer Atilia Haron’s barefoot yoga did not amuse netizens

30 Jun 2020 / 15:04 H.

Singer Atilia Haron stoked some fires online after she posted an Instagram video of herself doing some yoga moves at a grocery store in Petaling Jaya.

Atilia, whose real name is Raja Putri Atilia Raja Haron, did some yoga poses with her hands on the floor and was barefoot. The video ends with her picking up a bar of chocolate from a shelf nearby before walking off.

Netizens were incensed that she disregarded hygiene and safety measures during a pandemic.

They also pointed out that she wasn’t wearing a face mask during the whole stunt.

Atilia has explained on her Instagram that she took off her mask temporarily for the video and that she did receive permission from the store’s security personnel to film the whole thing.

It also has to be said that she did purchase the chocolate bar at the end of the day.

“This pandemic has caused much distress and uncertainties to people’s lives. All I was doing was to lighten the mood. If this has offended you, it wasn’t my intention to do so.”

"Thank you for understanding and have a good day,” she wrote.

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