Malaysian patient given treatment after beating up medical assistant

28 Nov 2019 / 13:58 H.

IT’S no secret that there are many impatient people around. One such incident took place in a hospital where a patient beat up a medical assistant (MA) on duty.

This incident was shared by Dr Alzamani Mohammad Idrose on Facebook. He explained that for asthmatic patients, the Emergency Department has a special lane where patients are given immediate priority to get nebulisers to stabilise them.

The patient already received a full dose of the nebuliser and was waiting for a check-up from the MA. However, another patient who was in a serious condition had to be tended to first.

Seeing this, the patient was enraged for being kept waiting. He shouted, “How long? How many minutes? How many hours?”

When the MA returned, the patient got the MA into a headlock and punched his forehead until it swelled and bled. The patient also removed the MA’s glasses and smashed it with his shoe.

Fortunately, the doctors and officers managed to control the situation. When the auxiliary police arrived, the patient was suddenly calmer and started talking politely.

Once thing calmed down, a police report and an incident report were made with the patient’s details recorded as well.

While the MA’s colleagues were angered by the incident, they still had to conduct themselves professionally and treat the patient for asthma residue!

Dr Alzamani ended his post by sharing other rude incidences experienced by nurses and doctors. He reminded everyone to be more respectful to each other to prevent another incident like this again.

Even if the patient was scared by an asthma attack, it’s still not a good reason to react violently.

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