Man wants to sue condom manufacturer for holes in condoms

17 Jan 2020 / 15:04 H.

A MAN in Haining, China is looking to sue a condom manufacturer after discovering holes in two condoms he had used.

The man surnamed Wang already has two children with his wife so he decided to use condoms to prevent another pregnancy.

He was shocked to discover the holes in the condom after using and bought some contraceptive pills for his wife.

The next day, he used another condom again but found holes in the second condom too. To make matters worse, the contraceptives didn’t work so his wife fell pregnant.

Unfortunately, she faced complications and had to undergo an abortion because her body couldn’t sustain another pregnancy.

Wang went to the pharmacy to complain and claimed he was sold fake condoms. He decided to pursue legal action after the pharmacy insisted the condoms were genuine.

The condom manufacturer agreed to pay for the condom and contraceptives but maintained that their condoms are up to standards.

Still unhappy with the explanations given, he approached the local consumer protection authority for help.

However, they put him in an uneasy situation when they said he has to prove to them that he knows how to use a condom properly. Wang was unsure how he could prove that.

The commission finally decided to perform a random check on the same batch of condoms Wang has purchased.

They discovered that the batch of condoms was purchased in November 2018 and Durex said they had already sold most of their stock.

Due to the trauma his wife had faced, Wang still intends to pursue legal action since the local consumer protection authority couldn’t help him either.

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