MCO funny videos part 1

09 Apr 2020 / 12:57 H.

Forced to stay at home and bored out of their minds, more and more people are turning to music for solace and entertainment as the world scrambles to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who knew that quarantining would get people to turn up their creativity and ingenuity up a notch?

We've compiled a list of videos that will entertain and will make you cry because you can totally relate to it!

1. Dancing on my own or am I?

After a week of lockdown, those who love to dance would have followed this man in the video. He knew that no one dances better than him and the best dancing partner in life is himself. All you need is a mirror and you can dance the night away!

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2. Filipinos show off their tabo

For some strange reason, people worldwide rushed out to buy toilet paper like it was gold. For most Asians, Mikey Bustos’ parody music video best describes why Filipinos wouldn’t have to worry about that when they shop thanks to the powerful tabo, which is basically a water dipper. For us who don’t use a tabo? We have the bum guns aka pipe bidet!

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3. The Covid Princess of KL

If you think you’ve lost your mind during MCO, this video by Joshua Anthony Gui will make you feel better. He sings about being stuck at home with costume changes to boot! It’s a full-blown 2-minute musical with the house as the stage.

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4. Grandpa needs coffee

With so many people moaning and groaning because they didn’t get their daily coffee fix, the man in the video definitely knows how that feels. His daughter prevents him from heading out for coffee but he insisted! Guess where he went?

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5. No rest day!

Parents will certainly relate to this and probably appreciate this man’s effort to try to cheer fellow parents up. Arron Crascall demonstrated how parents could still work out and watch the children!

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