Newborn dies after being hidden inside washing machine by mother

09 Nov 2019 / 14:08 H.

AN unfortunate woman who works as a babysitter in Palembang, Indonesia was arrested on suspicion of infanticide a few days ago.

On Monday, 36-year-old Sutina gave birth by herself in her employer’s mansion. Due to shame, she wrapped the baby in cloth and hid the baby in the washing machine.

In Indonesia, having a baby out of wedlock is a taboo. The situation was further intensified when her boyfriend of 8 years, Andi, left her and disappeared when he found out about her pregnancy.

“I put the baby in the washing machine, but I didn’t set it to tumble. I just wrapped it in a blanket because I was ashamed,“ she explained in an interview with Detik.

Her baby was discovered by another employee who heard the baby’s cries. Sadly, the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“My plan was to take the baby to an orphanage, I had no intention to kill,“ she said.

Sutina has been charged with infanticide under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law. If convicted, she may face a 15-year prison sentence.

In the meantime, authorities are conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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