Shoplifter on bicycle in brazen theft in front of security guard (Video)

16 Jun 2021 / 08:53 H.

A SHOPLIFTER helped himself to items from a a San Francisco Walgreens store while a witness recorded his brazen theft and a security guard looked on.

A video of the incident has gone viral after it was posted on Twitter by reporter Lyanne Melendez. According to her tweet, the incident occurred on Monday morning.

The thief was seen on a bicycle in the store as he filled a bag with his loot. The security guard failed to stop the culprit from cycling out of the shop.

“He sort of ran into me with his bicycle,“ said Melendez, a reporter with ABC7’s sister station KGO-TV.

“It’s hard for me as a journalist to say ‘I won’t be involved, I can’t get involved,‘ I have to be sort of neutral, but this is also my city. I live in this city and I see this constantly. Not only Walgreens, but cars, and my garage door has been broken into twice.”

She was not injured.

Watch the video here:

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