Online shopping mishaps happen more often than we realize due to our carelessness. Recently, a man in Thailand had quite a surprise for himself when he ripped open his delivery.

According to Oriental Daily, the man claimed that he bought an iPhone 7 online via the online shopping platform Lazada. However, he received a beautiful table that resembled the iPhone 7 instead!

$!Thai man surprised himself with an iPhone 7 he didn’t know he needed

Each corner and detail of the unique work desk closely resembles the actual iPhone 7. The work desk comes equipped with drawers as well to store stationeries.

Based on the South Korean website selling cute and interesting household items, the iPhone 7 desk costs US$247.89 (RM1021.38).

The man admitted he had inkling he made the wrong order because the shipping fee costs a huge sum. It was only when he received the large parcel that it hit home.

While the man is without his dream phone, at least he gets to set up the table to make another order for the actual phone.