This man spends RM3k a month because he suffers from a flesh-eating disease

23 Feb 2020 / 14:26 H.

NECROTISING faciitis is a medical condition where an infection occurs that results in the death of soft body tissue. People who suffer from this disease normally end up having red-purplish skin, and experience severe pain, vomiting and fever.

A 51-year-old man from Cheras, Mohd Fadli, is currently suffering from this disease for more than a year and his family spends close to RM3,000 one month.

Fadli’s son Mohd Shafeqal says his family have spent RM30,000 in medical expenses for his father.

“They do dressing twice a week, and we spend RM420. The government clinic doesn’t provide Aquacell and Medihoney. We have to buy those with our own money,“ Shefeqal told theSun.

He added, this disease is curable, but because his father is diabetic, his wounds will take a lot of time to heal.

“He needs good food, exercise and rehabilitation. We aim to raise another RM20,000 so that we can cover his rehab costs,” he said.

Those interested in donating funds to help Mohd Fadli battle his condition can make a deposit to Mohd Shafeqal Mohd Fadli’s CIMB account.

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