Toddler falls five floors down through hole in bridge in Penampang

06 Dec 2019 / 11:58 H.

A ONE-year-old toddler fell to her death from a hole in an incomplete bridge in Penampang, on Dec 1.

The victim was playing with her three-year-old sibling near a corridor of a place where her family were having lunch when she ran in to the bridge which is under construction.

With no warning signs to indicate danger, the mother of the victim let the children have fun exploring as she observed closely.

However, she was powerless as the victim ran a little faster than her sister and suddenly dropped out of sight!

The toddler fell through a hole on the bridge and plummeted from the fifth floor onto the concrete ground below.

The police were immediately alerted and the toddler was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, she was pronounced dead at 4.30pm. The case was classified as sudden death.

The mother was blamed by a Chinese media company not supervising her child. Shockingly, it was said they wrote the news based on the police report.

The claim came as a shock to the family of the deceased because there was even video proof of the mother supervising her children closely. The family was puzzled how the police report that was issued to the press differed from the one that was lodged.

To disprove the claim, the uncle of the deceased, Roger Chow, produced the police report and a video recording to the media. The police report clearly stated that the children were supervised by their mother the whole time.

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