Top 5 memes: Are Malaysians handling political anxiety with humour?

25 Feb 2020 / 09:56 H.

SO, reporters and editors at TheSun have been getting calls and messages from friends and family. They’re all asking the same thing ... “Eh what’s going on ah? Pakatan no more ah?”

Here’s the thing, we know as much as you do and whatever information we have we will try to transmit to you guys immediately. But we understand, you guys are anxious. We don’t know what’s going to happen to our country. Much needed info helps up cope with the fear of not knowing.

But thank God we have netizens on social media who have taken advantage of the political fiasco and made really funny memes. Now we know if we don’t get juicy news updates on social media, at least we’re gonna get some good laughs from good memes.

Here are our Top 5 in no particular order. We got them from Reddit, but we’re sure you probably have seen it on your favourite social media platform already.

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