Two recent converts to vaping call out its hazardous effects

29 Oct 2019 / 12:04 H.

TWO individuals claim to have fallen sick due to vaping, as calls for the ban on e-cigarette products intensify.

In a Facebook post, Wan Muhamad Amirul, attributed the accelerated growth of a tumour in his nose and an inflammation of his tonsils to vaping, as he says he noticed its negative effects during a three-month period, after switching from smoking.

It proved to be a costly experiment as he racked up RM20,000 in medical bills to have his tumour removed, and his tonsils treated.

“Is vape/caliburn @ pod more dangerous than cigarettes? Yes!,“ he said.

Amirul has advised smokers not to “take the easy way out” by switching to vape, in their quest to stop smoking.

“I am not saying smoking is better than vaping, I am just saying, you never know how your body reacts,“ added Amirul.

“I am just sharing my experience.”

Meanwhile, another victim, Mohd Firdaus, was warded after it was discovered that he had fluid laced with fungus in his lungs.

A hardcore smoker since his teenage days, Firdaus picked up vaping as part of an attempt to quit smoking.

“Actually, I didn’t expect this to happen because I was only vaping for two weeks. Some say it’s because of the flavour I use, some say it’s because of a faulty mod. But I think it was because my body was already weak as I had dengue at the time,” he said.

Firdaus said he was initially treated for dengue before doctors discovered an anomaly, after his body temperature started to go up unabated even after his platlet count stabilised.

They then discovered what appeared to be fluids, laced with fungus, in the lungs. He had a surgery to remove the fluids.

“Thank God, it’s been almost a week since the surgery and I’m still in the process of healing. I have to stay away from spicy food and foods that make me cough because when I cough now, there is still blood,” he said.

“But whatever it is, avoid vape and cigarettes. The things the God has created are full of goodness, but man-made things have flaws.”

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