(Video) Online critics say The Lion King is lifeless and soulless like Mufasa’s corpse

12 Jul 2019 / 13:14 H.

A NEW clip from The Lion King has received negative criticisms online and it looks like Beyonce’s new single for the film will not be able to mask the flaws.

The animation for the animals in the film is said to make the animals look lifeless and soulless. As one netizen Peach Saliva described on Twitter, “every character is as lifeless as Mufasa’s corpse”.

Netizen Tom Zohar tweeted “All the budget in the world and Disney couldn’t afford a SINGLE facial expression” and compared the animated lions to taxidermy in the museum.

According to Zohar, perhaps the lifelessness of the animals is the reason why there are no close-ups on the characters. If there were close-up shots, we would “see the dead in their eyes”.

Twitter user Cripp Daddy wrote “I think that Donald Glover’s voice is great for this, but everything visually is so unappealing.”

Other than lifeless animated lions, Twitter user Teo Bugbee criticised the colour schemes too.

Bugbee mentioned that “the new Lion King looks like clinical depression designed it”.

Critics who have seen the movie were also puzzled that the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight played in the daytime.

Looks like Disney has some answering to do in light of these criticisms.

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