(Video) Senior citizen assaulted by man claiming to be from local council

18 Oct 2019 / 11:50 H.

AN elderly man who was trying to sell his wares was assaulted by a person allegedly from the city council.

The video of the incident which has since gone viral, took place behind a hypermarket in Kotaraya.

The alleged officer demanded that the victim pay an RM5 bribe. When the victim refused and asked him to leave, the officer started his abuse and assault.

The officer hit, slapped and spat on the defenseless old man. He even kicked the old man’s styrofoam boxes which contained his wares.

In the video, the alleged officer can be heard yelling, “Do you know who I am? Do you know anything about the laws here?”

He proceeded to call his alleged colleagues to bring over the lorry, perhaps a scare tactic in an attempt to frighten the old man and have his goods confiscated. In total, he made about three calls.

According to a Facebook post by Tia Fatehah, the old man is a quiet man and the Bangladeshi workers nearby dared not intervene because the perpetrator told them he was an enforcement officer.

Tia and her group tried to help the old man but when the officers continued kicking up a fuss, she decided to record the whole incident.

She also found out that this alleged officer is known for harassing the other sellers in the area. However, he has never shown his ID to prove his identity and he wasn’t in uniform.

At the end of the post, Tia remarked that the alleged officer could have spoken to the old man kindly or arrested the man right away if he was truly the local council.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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