(Video) Snatch-theft victim blamed for not being alert

03 Jan 2020 / 13:32 H.

A WOMAN has become the subject of victim-blaming after a coordinated attempt by two robbers in cahoots left her reeling.

In a video that has since gone viral, the woman is seen walking on the streets of Metro Prima, Kepong, when two motorcyclists ride past her.

One of the motorcyclists returns and attempts to strike a conversation with her before launching a failed attempt to snatch her necklace.

The reprieve, however, was brief as another motorcyclist approached the victim on the pretext of helping her.

The woman who appeared shaken responded to the suspect, who successfully snatched her necklace.

Upon closer inspection, the first motorcyclist is seen motioning to his accomplice as he approaches the victim.

Instead of blaming the snatch thieves, netizens blamed the victim for not being alert, commenting that she should have run away after the first attempt instead of lying on the ground.

Another user commented that the woman shouldn’t have worn gold chains.

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