(Video) Zarina Anjoulie in tears, worried about poor families with multiple kids

01 Apr 2020 / 08:44 H.

PETALING JAYA: After uploading a heated video attacking celebrities who are seeking financial help, Zarina Anjoulie Lavoucah is now in tears over the outpouring of help she has received.

During this current period where the Movement Control Order (MCO) is in force, Zarina has been distributing basic necessities to those in need. In another video where she expresses thanks and gratitude for the help she has received. “Just now there were a lot (of groceries), Alhamdullilah now there’s a little left because it has been distributed,” Zarina said.

However, the good work isn’t enough for Zarina as she seemed worried about mothers who can’t afford basic items for their children. “But I am worried for the mothers with children and can’t afford things like milk. So I am trying my best to collect funds to buy milk for them,” Zarina said.

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