(Video) Zarina Anjoulie rails against local celebrities for poor lifestyle choices

28 Mar 2020 / 19:03 H.

THE Movement Control Order (MCO) has sent ripples through the job market, and production houses and studios have not been spared.

Malaysian celebrities are expected to see their earning powers greatly diminish.

However, local celebrity Zarina Anjoulie Lovoucah (pix) appears to have very little sympathy for these artistes. Her message to them is: “I told you so!”

Harsh choice of words, but according to Zarina this is the life some artistes choose, and their lavish lifestyles are coming back to haunt them.

“This isn’t the first time, they are all about propaganda. They say things like ‘see my level and how I travel’, now they [artistes] are applying for BR1M,” Zarina said.

Although no celebrity was named, Zarina did point out that these artistes are setting a bad example to others.

“Stop planting the seed in peoples’ head that there’s a certain level that people must live by,” she said.

“When they (celebrities) spend and live like that, society wants to do the same. They don’t know these celebs don’t have money themselves. That’s when people get into unnecessary debts,” added Zarina.

Zarina also appeared to go on the offensive against local rap artist Caprice whom she alleged to be selling hand sanitizers now.

“It’s not like you (Caprice) are helping anyone during these difficult times, you’re just taking advantage of the situation and using your name to sell hand sanitizers. At least even Aliff Shukri is going around and giving food the police officers,” Zarina said.

Emphasizing that these artists dug their own graves, she urged that help be given to those who really need it. She said: “You chose that lifestyle, and now let’s just help those who are really in need.”

She cited examples the everyday Malaysian who works in Tesco, and drives Grab at night to make ends meet, saying these are the vulnerable people who deserve help.

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