Would you put an emoji on your licence plate?

28 Jan 2020 / 13:38 H.

VERMONT could be the first US state to allow emoji characters on license plates.

During the winter of 2019, a personalised license plate vendor located in Queensland, Australia, began offering plates that could be customised with one of five emojis.

The icons, however, are merely decorative and aren’t officially part of the registration number. Lawmakers in Vermont are following suit and are set to become the first US state where emojis are legally allowed on license plates.

Like in Australia, vehicle owners will only be able to select from a small collection of emojis to include on their plate, though it has not been disclosed which characters could be available. The draft bill states the emojis can be added “in addition to the distinctive number assigned by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or the numerals and letters selected by the registered owner of a vehicle as a vanity plate”.

Thus far, no price has been suggested nor has a date been set for when Vermont residents will be able to purchase the plates. More information will likely be shared over the next few weeks. — AFPRelaxnews

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