Yeo Bee Yin remembers Sheraton PJ on May 10, 2018

25 Feb 2020 / 09:26 H.

WE all remember Yeo Bee Yin as the pleasant looking Cambridge graduate who became our Minister of Science, Technology, and Environment. However, with the recent announcement that the cabinet is no more after the Agong appointed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad as interim Prime Minister, Yeo is back to being to a member of parliament (MP).

Well, less than an hour ago, Yeo posted a nostalgic photo of a hall in Sheraton PJ on May 10, 2018. If you remember the date, it was right after the last general election. And if you remember the place, it was where Tun Mahathir announced Pakatan had won the elections.

Yeo said on Facebook she remembers how journalists were preparing headlines for a Barisan Nasional win, “These were the journalists that were probably preparing for headlines such as, ‘The thief won again’, ‘Barisan National continues to rule despite scandals’, ‘Kleptocracy reigns’...”

But then she recalled the positivity exuded from news headlines, calling Malaysia a beacon of Asian democracy.

However, her Facebook post took a dark turn when she pointed out how at the same place (Sheraton PJ), “Malaysians witnessed the greatest treachery in the nation’s history”.

She also called upon Malaysians to pray for the best of the country - she added, “We are not protecting Pakatan Harapan ... we are protecting democracy.”

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