An ultra-refreshing beer from Tiger

09 Aug 2019 / 11:30 H.

THE NEXT time you and your friends gather to have fun and to catch up on life, consider marking the occasion with some Tiger Crystal, the latest cool fixture in the Heineken portfolio.

Following a global trend in ‘sessionable’ or easy-to-drink beers that are less bitter, Tiger Crystal is the new ultimate refreshment that is filtered at -1°C, and brewed with unique light-stable hops.

The refreshing qualities of the new alcoholic beverage are best described by Heineken Malaysia marketing director Pablo Chabot, who likens it to the feeling of visiting a swimming pool on a hot, steamy day.

He adds: “I usually tend to wait a little bit to really get warm before I jump into the pool, and then to jump into this cold pool and feel this ultimate refreshment.

“I think that’s sort of my way of describing how I would see the taste – really something extremely refreshing in this hot climate.”

Hops, which are a key ingredient in the beer, have numerous positive effects on the brew like helping create better foam, preserving the beer, and also giving the beer a “recognisable bitter taste”.

But for Tiger Crystal, Chabot says, they decided on light-stable hops, mainly for two reasons.

He says: “One, it creates a bit more of a round flavour that’s also perceived to be less bitter – that’s exactly what we were aiming for with this product.”

On top of that, a light-stable Tiger Crystal can be beautifully showcased in a clear glass bottle, he adds.

This is especially significant, as beer is typically bottled in dark-coloured glass as it is known to rapidly deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

This is also to prevent the condition known as ‘lightstruck’, otherwise known as the notable stench that develops when beer is left out on a bright day.

The unique type of hops in Tiger Crystal means that consumers no longer have to worry about their beer being lightstruck and they can have full confidence that the beer will always be refreshing no matter what the weather condition.

And to prove a point, Tiger proudly showcases its Tiger Crystal in a clear glass pull-tab bottle for all to see and enjoy.

“We want to showcase the beautiful liquid, that’s why we use light-stable hops,” says Chabot. “They don’t get affected by the sunlight so the taste is not affected and we can still show the clear liquid.”

Tiger Crystal is also filtered at a crystal-cold temperature of -1°C, which helps eliminate finer yeast and protein particles that clump together.

Besides locking in the most desirable flavours and aromas, the temperature at 1°C gives the beer its alluring, unclouded appearance.

“Because we house it in a very see-through bottle, we want the liquid to be as clear as possible,” adds Chabot, who was previously based in China with Heineken.

As for the taste, he says more Malaysian consumers are looking for ‘sessionable’ beers. This means beers “that are not too bitter”, he adds, which is in line with global trends.

On top of its high quench factor, Tiger Crystal is a less bitter choice of drink that accommodates the palate of every beer-drinker in the party, Chabot says.

Giving as an example a barbecue, which usually means more people and larger groups, he offers: “Some don’t really like the typical bitter taste that other beers might have and might want something less bitter.” This is where Tiger Crystal fits the bill.

Moreover, he notes that a lot more women in Malaysia are drinking beer as well, which to him is something great as “I don’t think beer is something only for men to enjoy”.

Citing that the timing is now right for the new Tiger Crystal as consumers are already looking for more “accessible beers”, he opines “it’s absolutely something that is on the bigger trend and that’s going to be here for a long time”.

Featuring an ultra-refreshing, easy-to-drink, and less bitter taste profile, Tiger Crystal is now available for purchase in 600ml and 325ml bottles and 320ml cans, at 4.2% ABV.

For more, visit the Tiger Beer Malaysia website. Tiger Crystal is for non-Muslims aged 21 years and above.

Tiger Crystal is the new ultimate refreshment under Tiger that is also less bitter than other beers. – MASRY CHE ANI/THESUN

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