Movie review: Brightburn

13 May 2019 / 13:28 H.

MANY reviewers were keen to catch this movie based on its dark and striking trailer.

The movie essentially addresses the question: “What if Clark Kent aka Superman had turned out to be a supervillain?”

Produced by James Gunn, still riding high from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and with a cast led by the talented Banks, this movie had ‘must watch’ stamped all over it.

The story begins in the small town of Brightburn, with childless couple Tori (Banks) and Kyle Breyer (Denman) finding a crashed spaceship containing a baby.

The story then jumps forward 12 years with the baby, named Brandon (Dunn) by his adopted parents, now a quiet boy who at first seems like any other child.

But Brandon is soon plagued by voices in his head, which slowly turn him into a malevolent being. He also develops superhuman strength and speed, and eventually the ability to fly.

Instead of using these powers for good, Brandon uses his abilities to maim – and later kill – all those he deems a threat.

The film hits the mark in some places, but misses the mark in others.

As a supervillain origin story, the movie fails to answer exactly why Brandon switches personalities in an instant.

As a horror flick, this movie scores highly, especially in the way it shows how Brandon stalks his victims, and how he dispatches them in the most violent way possible.

Kudos also to the key actors of the film, who deliver much more than the weak script requires.

Banks, especially, stands out as the doting mother who tries hard to defend her child.

Watch this movie if you are a horror fan.

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