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Actress Mhia Farhana wants to make the world a safer place for women and children

18 Feb 2021 / 11:45 H.

THE saying “the apple does not fall far from the tree” aptly describes Mhia Farhana. Her mother, Farah Ahmad, is an actress while her late father, Pitt Hanif, was a film director.

It is not surprising that she has chosen to follow in her parent’s footsteps. This 14-year-old lass started acting at the age of 12.

Her first acting stint was in a short film called Sayang, in which she played an orphan raised by a drug addict.

She later gave a convincing performance as a young woman who gets possessed by a ghost in the telefilm Portrait Mayang. Recently, she gave another compelling performance in the horror film Roh.

The National Film Development Corporation has announced that Roh will be Malaysia’s official entry for the International Feature Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards, that will take place in April.

“I was speechless when I heard that Roh will be sent for the Oscars. It is a real blessing,” said Mhia.

Do you plan to be an actress when you are older?

I love acting very much. But I would love to pursue acting on a part-time basis. My ambition is to be a policewoman. I would love to handle sexual harassment cases. I want to make women, especially teenagers and children, feel safe.

What is your strength and what is your weakness?

My friends say that I am a good friend because I can always cheer them up when they are sad. I would listen to their problems and help find solutions. My weakness is I get angry easily. I must learn to control my temper.

Your grandmother Fauziah Nawi has won many acting awards. What is the best advice she has given you on acting?

She said that the emotion has to come directly from the heart and if that does not happen, your performance will not be convincing. My grandmother used to give acting classes to young actors and I would sit in her classes and listen to what she has to say and learn from her words.

Do you have a dream role that you would love to play?

I would love to be in an action film, something along the lines of Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games. Action films always require you to learn a new skill. I would love to learn archery, just like Jennifer Lawrence did in the film.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt being in the film industry?

If you want to last long in the film industry, you have to make sure you have a strong mindset. Sometimes, people can be harsh. You cannot let negative criticism get you down, and you have to believe in yourself.

Last year you lost your father in a boating accident. How have you been coping with his passing?

When I first heard the news, I was totally shocked. The world around me went blank. There are days when I still miss him. But I rarely show this emotion to anyone. I must admit that my mother has been very strong in facing this tragedy. She has put the interest of her three children first before her own emotions. She is my role model.

Describe one beautiful memory that you shared with your late father.

I believe I was 11 then. My father loves to watch football with his friends. There was one time he decided to watch one of the football matches with me. I remember I was wearing a Liverpool T-shirt. My father even bought us snacks for the game.


Favourite film: Your Name, a Japanese anime film.

Favourite singer: The Willows. Their songs help me to deal with my feelings.

Favourite school subject: History. My teacher has a way to make the subject interesting.

Favourite leisure activity: I love to watch K-Pop groups and imitate their dance style. My favourite band is NCT.

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