Book review: Someone We Know

11 Sep 2019 / 11:52 H.

Set in a peaceful suburb, this thriller begins with Olivia discovering her teenage son Raleigh has been breaking into homes around their neighbourhood, hacking into the owner’s computers and sending prank emails from their accounts.

Feeling guilty she sends anonymous letters to the homeowners concerned. Around the same time, the body of new neighbour Amanda is fished out from a nearby lake.

As the police begin investigations, more and more people around the neighbourhood become suspects.

Things get worse for Olivia, as not only do her letters start to draw suspicions, but her own husband ends up becoming the prime suspect.

Shari Lapena who has written great thrillers in the past such as The Couple Next Door, repeats her feat again in this book.

You are hooked from the very beginning as Olivia tries to do the right thing but ends up getting into a whirlpool of emotions when she loses control over what is going on around her.

Lapena also focuses on other characters, with everyone seemingly having their own reasons for wanting Amanda dead, but saves the big reveal for the very end.

The characters are believable, and you can relate to what they are feeling, especially when the police start questioning them.

As secrets are exposed, we learn what lengths people will go to hold on to everything they hold dear.

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