Movie review: Angry Birds 2

30 Aug 2019 / 10:59 H.

THE FRENEMIES return as a united front in this sequel to the 2016 computer-animated comedy film based on Rovio Entertainment’s video game series of the same name.

When damaging giant balls of ice are targeted at Pig Island, Leonard (Hader) and his team of scientist piggies attain proof of a third – and threatening – island.

Leonard then calls for a truce with the birds (the piggies had tried to steal and eat the birds’ eggs in the first movie) and brings proof of the threat to Bird Island.

Meanwhile, Red (Sudeikis) is enjoying his role as the island’s angry egg-saving hero. At first in disbelief of Leonard’s claims, he soon realises the icy cannonballs have appeared on Bird Island too.

He then joins forces with the green king, hoping to keep the adoration at home going,

Together with speedy Chuck (Josh Gad), loveable Bomb (Danny McBride), kind-of-a-coward Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage), Chuck’s super-smart sister Silver (Bloom), piggy assistant Courtney (Awkwafina), and tech-pig Garry (Sterling K. Brown), the two former adversaries head course for Eagle Island.

As it turns out, the angry birds and green piggies make quite a team when they can put their differences aside and skills together to save both their island homes from a new icy threat.

And, of course, they do so in a hilarious manner. The movie is silly while still being clever – through a menagerie of puns, pop culture references, and instantly recognisable songs that help set the scene. (There’s even Pinkfong’s Baby Shark).

The fun and laughs not only come from the unlikely superteam but also from three adorable little birds (including Terence and Matilda’s chick) who experience a minor journey of their own.

Children will love the movie and accompanying adults will certainly share more than a few laugh-out-loud moments too. – by Marion Fernando

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