Movie review: Birds of Prey

07 Feb 2020 / 10:39 H.

THE crazed chick who stole the whole movie in Suicide Squad despite several big name actors playing iconic DC villains is back in a story that revolves around her, with some supporting female superheroes.

The story veers back and forth because it is told by Harley (Robbie) who we know has a rather vexing personality. When word gets out that she and Puddin’ (her beloved Joker) have parted ways, it becomes a free-for-all when all the people who have a score to settle with her come to get their revenge.

Chief among them is Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor), a night club owner who hates Harley but could not lay a finger on her previously due to his fear of the Joker.

Roman wants control of Gotham and of course needs a lot of money to do so. The key is encoded in a diamond that was once owned by a wealthy Italian family, long since assassinated. However when sent to fetch it, Roman’s henchman Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina) is robbed by young pickpocket Cassandra Cain (Ella jay Basco). Roman sets Harley after the girl, in return for calling off all her enemies.

The plot is full of holes, and there is a joke inserted into almost every scene just for the heck of it. Some characters are given a decent backstory, but Harley’s story is somewhat glossed over. This could be due to the fact that Harley herself is the narrator and makes no excuses for who she is.

As villains go, Roman is cartoonish. There is even a key scene that is supposed to depict how nasty he is, but it lacks impact. Zsasz is scary when first introduced, but he too ends up being rather cartoonish towards the end.

Birds of Prey may not have the depth and darkness of the recent Joker but it is a fun popcorn flick. There is a great deal of violence, but it is always good to see so many female protagonists teaming up and kicking butt on the big screen.

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