Movie review: Wonder Park

22 Mar 2019 / 10:42 H.

THIS computer-animated film, which is a collaboration between Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies, is way better than what its trailer has promised.

What looks to be a movie about a child’s vivid imagination of a park run by colourful animals is actually far deeper than that.

June Bailey (Brianna Denski) enjoys the vivid imaginary world she has created in her mind, where animals run this wonderful magical theme park called Wonder Park.

June is encouraged by her doting mother (Jennifer Garner). However, when her mum falls sick and has to leave home for treatment, a devastated June stops playing with Wonder Park, and no amount of encouragement from dad (Matthew Broderick) and friends can get her to start having fun again.

One day, in the woods, she comes across the remnants of a park and discovers that Wonder Park is real.

However, the park – run by Boomer, a narcoleptic blue bear (Ken Hudson Campbell), Greta, a red wild boar (Mila Kunis), Steve, a porcupine-cum-safety officer (John Oliver), beaver brothers Gus (Kenan Thompson) and Cooper (Ken Jeong), and Peanut (Norbet Leo Butz), a chimpanzee who is the park’s ride creator and mascot – is now in disarray.

Turns out some dark clouds have caused the park’s toys to turn into zombie chimpanzees and terrorise everybody.

June must find a way to help her old friends, and also overcome her own fears before the dark clouds consume everything.

Essentially, this is a sweet story about a child feeling anxious about a sick parent, and how she copes with the distressing situation by avoiding things that once made her happy.

How June finally overcomes her fears, learns that life will have its ups and downs, and finds the fun in life again is subtly conveyed in this movie.

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