Mamonde’s Rose Water toner is here to provide the hydration that you need

ROSE water has been treasured over the years for the wide array of benefits that it offers. Whether it is utilized for health purposes or beauty, this ‘magical’ water has been proven to be a eudemonia potion for centuries.

The history of rosewater dates back to the Middle Ages in Persia (modern Iran). Due to its highly expensive and taxing method to manufacture rose oil, this divine product was only made to cater for the elites. As the product made its way to Egypt and Rome through trading, the Romans started making full use of the rosewater. For example, it was used as a handwash and to scent their wines.

Soon enough, rose water was used for beauty purposes and has become the talk of the town since then due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Even the most powerful woman of all time, Cleopatra, drenched herself in rose water, milk and honey to soften and cleanse her skin!

Fast forward to the 2000s, rose water has become the epitome of beauty in the skincare industry. To illustrate, a South Korean skincare company called Mamonde made its name by creating flower-based products. One of its holy-grail products is the Rose Water Toner. After a few releases, the product has been upgraded to enhance customers’ experience.

The Rose Water Toner is made from 90.97% real rose water. Mamonde puts the cherry on top by infusing five different types of hyaluronic acids and allantoin. If you’re someone who always does your research on the ingredients present in a skincare product before purchasing, you’d know that hyaluronic acid is a crucial ingredient!

$!Rose water is renowned for anti-inflammatory properties. – MAMONDE

When I first got my hands on Mamonde’s toner, I didn’t have second thoughts about using it. I wasn’t worried about getting any breakouts considering how all the vital ingredients are in it and I’ve always been a fan of rose-infused products. As someone with sensitive combination skin, hydration is key and this toner provides just what I needed.

No burning or stinging signs were felt, just felt hydrated and less oily throughout the day. I’d spritz this toner on my face every morning to feel fresh and awake. Another reason why this toner is included in my skincare routine is the subtle rose smell that it produces which doesn’t irritate my skin like most fragrant toners do. I haven’t had any issues or small breakouts with this toner after a week of using it, so I recommend those who have dry and sensitive skin to try this out!

However, the texture of the liquid evaporates fast when applied to a cotton pad. I recommend pouring the product directly on your palms and dabbing it on your face or you can simply store it in a spray bottle and spritz it on your face for a full hydrating experience. Remember, a little goes a long way!

$!While the Rose Toner can be applied with a cotton pad, for bets results, you should use your palms to apply it to your face. – MAMONDE