A wristful of tech

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with plenty of bells and whistles, including some you didn’t know you need yet

07 Jan 2019 / 11:30 H.

THE Samsung Galaxy Watch was first announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 back in August. However, it only reached our shores some months later.

With a low- to mid-range smartphone price tag attached to it, it had better be good.

The Galaxy Watch came in two variants. Here we take a look at the more significant, RM1,299, 46mm Silver Bluetooth variant.

The Galaxy Watch that was loaned to me is a beast, especially compared to the Samsung Gear Sport that I already own.

It feels substantial in hand (63g), and has a formal and sophisticated design, like an expensive watch you find in those watch galleries.

It is also thick: its stainless steel metal casing is curved to make it seem slimmer at a glance, but, in reality, it is quite beefy.

Out of the box, the Galaxy Watch comes with a silicone wrist strap, and its default watch face is of a premium chronograph.

Of course, you can fully customise the Galaxy Watch to your liking though different watch faces, apps, and straps.

It also helps that the wearable uses the standard 22mm wrist strap.

Thanks to its size, the Galaxy Watch packs a lot of technology such as sensors, processors, and a generous battery.

In the time I spent with it, I find some are novel, some are fun, and a number are practical and useful.

I am a stickler when it comes to time accuracy, so a watch that can sync its time with my smartphone, which in turn is synced up to a time server, is a prime reason why I would pick up a smartwatch.

I also appreciate a pedometer. I know that most smartphones can function as one, but I like it on my wrist.

Additionally, I do like a watch with a contemporary look. If it keeps good time and motivates me to stay active, it should also make me want to wear it.

If these are the only features I want on a wearable, I could get a made-in-Japan branded watch that can do all that for less than half the price.

However the Galaxy Watch, like the Galaxy Note 9, has more power than you need, until you need it. Its sheer size affords it a bigger battery, and a more prominent display.

I admit that I seldom take advantage of the larger battery because I charge it every night. I don’t sleep wearing a watch, especially not a sizeable one.

However, the larger display means the Galaxy Watch not only shows me more, but also lets me do more.

The ability to read complete messages on the watch itself is handy. The ability to reply from the watch based on a contextually appropriate list of preset replies is a little creepy, but is appreciated.

That said, I turn off most notifications (just the way I like it), and the ability to type out whole replies using on-screen input options or voice dictation is just plain silly to me.

It is much faster just to whip out the phone from the pocket and tap out a reply.

A feature of the Galaxy Watch most smartwatches can only aspire to is its compatibility with Samsung Pay.

With it, you can make payments via your debit or credit cards using your watch.

After you launch the app on the watch, enter your pin code, select your payment card, and tap to pay.

The feature is convenient, but still not as convenient as using the Samsung Pay feature on the phone.

Also, I wear the Galaxy Watch on my left wrist, as any right-handed person would. In most situations where this feature would be useful, for example at a fast food drive-through or a parking lot that accepts debit cards, the payment device is on the right.

Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has a lot more to offer. It has more features than I could list out and appreciate in the short time I had with it.

Nevertheless, It did make me think about what I want in a smartwatch, and the features that would improve my everyday life.

Personally, I do not think I need nor am I able to take advantage of all that the Galaxy Watch has to offer, and I think that is the point.

The Galaxy Watch is the best Samsung has to offer, and is the best Android wearable in the market today. It is brimming with potential.

In the end, I think if you are looking for a wearable that can do things that you didn’t know you need yet, he Samsung Galaxy Watch could be the one you should pick.

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