The New Normal: Daniel Woodroof

What is your WFH routine like?

“I wake up at 8am, have a cup of coffee and sit in the garden for an hour and read. Then, I read the news before I get on my daily morning Google Hangouts briefing with my team at 10am.

“After touching base with the team, it’s straight to work! I don’t really stop, except to take a quick lunch, and then a short workout in the evening before dinner.

“After dinner, it’s back to work until about 11pm. After that, I’m able to fit in a few hours of personal time to unwind, and head to bed at around 2am. Then I start all over again!”

How does it differ from working in the office?

“Accountability and communication across the team has increased out of necessity. We can’t just talk across a desk to get something done – everything needs to be checked in, noted on our project management software, and confirmed by written deadlines.

“Our day is spent in inter-departmental conference calls, in between getting the actual work done. While I do have an extra few hours in my day saved from a lack of a commute, I do miss the human interaction and seeing spaces other than my bedroom!”

Do you have a designated area in your home that functions as a workspace/ home office?

“I work in my bedroom, but I’m lucky to have a desk against a window that faces a garden. Being able to periodically look out into the distance is an eye-saver.”

Does it give you a better work life balance?

“Personally, no. I have a personality that feels guilty if I don’t work till late at night, so not much has changed! However, I do see how working from home can free up more time for people to get things other than work done during the day.”

Has spending time at home given you the opportunity to pick up new hobbies?

“Working from home has allowed me to experiment with cooking, rather than ordering GrabFood, which has been interesting, to say the least. I’m also glad I’ve been able to carve some time out to finally get some exercise in.”

Once the MCO period is over, is there a possibility of continuing to WFH for you and your team?

“Working from home during the MCO has been a great trial run for applying WFH policies down the line.

“As a precautionary measure, our team will likely be exploring alternating WFH schedules to allow for adequate physical distancing within our office space until more clarity on a virus vaccine is achieved.

“Following that, more flexible WFH opportunities might be explored – though I still think the camaraderie of a team working together in the same location is unparalleled.”

Daniel Woodroof, co-founder of Pandan Social – a fully integrated digital marketing agency