Learn to love yourself

07 May 2019 / 14:34 H.

ONE WOMAN’S unwavering mission to try and make the world a better place sparked the birth of Truly Love Me, a self-help book originally published in 2016.

Karamjeet Kaur is an advocate for the healing power of self-love, and has conducted seminars and motivational talks on the subject for several years.

The book is her account of her journey, in which she candidly reveals the dark moments of her past which led her to contemplate suicide “many times” as she claims, and how she managed to pull herself out of her downward spiral after discovering the meaning of true love – by learning to love herself.

Karamjeet explains her mission on the back cover of her book, saying: “The journey has helped me evolve on many levels, helping me to understand and accept the inner part of living life lovingly and joyfully.”

She adds that she wants the contents of this book to inspire others who are facing challenges in their lives, and to reach those who may also be contemplating suicide and show them that there is always a way into the light.

Published by BalboaPress, Truly Love Me is available on Amazon.com.

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