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27 Sep 2019 / 13:30 H.

FOR those looking to try something different for Oktoberfest, why not look to the East for inspiration?

Recently, the Buzz team sampled an exquisite five-course sake pairing dinner at Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s award-winning Iketeru Japanese Restaurant, featuring ingredients specially flown from Japan, and prepared by executive chef Masami Okamoto.

The sake pairing menu began with an appetizer of deep-fried mackerel marinated in vinegar sauce with boiled chrysanthemum flower and leaf in bonito sauce, paired with Kubota Senjyu, a food-friendly sake with a clean aftertaste.

The second course was thinly-sliced yellowfin sashimi drizzled with lemon soy sauce, and paired with Kikumasamune Honjyozou Atsukan, served hot.

Brewed using the traditional kimoto method by a Kobe-based brewery with a 350-year history, this sake has a smooth and crisp finish and can be paired with any Japanese dish.

Next was a grilled salmon leek miso Furofuki daikon with beef Shigure, accompanied by gingko nuts and Hajikami ginger.

We paired it with a legendary sake named Koshi No Kanbai Muku, originating from Niigata, the renowned sake-producing region of Japan.

The sake’s pure rice flavour, paired splendidly with the rich flavours of the beef and its accompanying sauces.

Next up was simmered herring with vegetables. It was easily one of our favourites that night, and was paired with Dai-Shinshu Karakuchi, a well-balanced smooth sake from Japan’s Nagano region, with a dry, slightly rich aftertaste.

The dinner ended with what looked like a simple mushroom tempura, but with the added surprise of a prawn paste added to the batter.

It was served with what became our favourite sake, the light and dry Hakkaisan Seishu, originating from another Niigata-based brewery. Served warm, it has a subtle flavour and can be enjoyed on all occasions.

We ended the night with a lovely round of desserts consisting of three kinds of Nigiri sushi lightly topped with wasabi, Kaki fruits (persimmons) and traditional Japanese desserts, Kurikintoki and Shiratama (mochi).

Savour this special Japanese sake pairing menu at Iketeru, Hilton Kuala Lumpur from Oct 1-10 at RM500 nett per person.

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