Boost flavour, cut calories, maintain nutrition, stay healthy - let’s steam

03 Jul 2019 / 12:03 H.

CONSUMING steamed food is the healthiest and most ideal cooking method to use, especially when one is watching one’s calories and fat intake. There are also many other benefits and advantages to eating food that is steamed than cooked via any other method (refer sidebox).

According to the Malaysian Statistics Department, heart disease has been the leading cause of death for many Malaysians for the over 10 years. Mortality rates have increased by 54% (8,776 in 2007; 13,503 in 2017). On an average, it works out to about 37 deaths a day caused by heart disease.

We all know that the main triggers of heart disease, unless through hereditary, is due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices, food types, cooking methods, and lack of regular exercise. Yet, we reach out for the most convenient, although unhealthy.

Now, with the new KHIND Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS, steaming food is taken a level above. This thingamajig checks all the right boxes - health, convenience, easy-to-use, easier to clean, saves time (with clever use), saves energy, and can even be economical on the pocket considering the two-year warranty and how smart and savvy one is in getting the best value from it.

A unique feature of this steamer is the multiple language choices to help, making it easy to use and operate. There are also nine pre-set menu applications options, from rice to soup and stew, porridge, multigrain rice, braise, steam, hotpot and cake. The pre-set menu settings and default timers make useful features that allow one to multitask. The hotpot, steamer, big as well as small steamer pots, all come in high-quality, rust-free SUS304 Stainless Steel material. With the unique dome-shaped cover, one can steam bigger-sized foodstuff and larger volumes eg. multiple foods cooked at the same time; or steaming a whole chicken/chunk of meat.

The KHIND Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS also comes with a free recipe book and clamp. With steaming, it’s bye-bye to burnt food and less of a bother when it comes to cleaning. One can also enjoy better health, slimmer silhouettes and enjoy meals minus the guilt.

The KHIND Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS is available at major retail outlets and can be purchased online via

For more information, log on to or call KHIND Customer Careline 1800-88-0032.


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