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Encompassing interdisciplinary learning that suits creative thinkers

09 Jul 2019 / 16:12 H.

BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC) will soon arrive at its 10th year as an education provider. Known as a premiere service-oriented university college, it has flourished well beyond its popular programmes in culinary arts and hospitality management; it now offers the Diploma in Public Relations (DPR) and Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programmes.

According to economic forecasts, the service sector is expected to contribute to at least 60% of the nation’s GDP over the next few years, and roles in professional communications services will be popular. This is where BERJAYA UC’s two-year DPR programme comes in nicely.

The DPR programme focuses on preparing students for the public relations industry and/or pursue further education at degree level. Says BERJAYA UC’s head of DPR and BComm Dr. Wong Kok Keong, “Students will be empowered to use the knowledge and skills gained to promote and present themselves confidently and effectively to their own benefit and their own future success.”

After the two-year diploma, students can pursue the BCom (Hons) degree programme which offers a student four areas of specialisation to choose from. Be it Advertising and Brand Management; Public Relations and Persuasion; Organisational and Corporate Communications; or Integrated Marketing Communication - whichever the student picks, he/she will learn skills and receive education that can be gainfully used across any fields of industry, even help with interactions among family, friends and society in general.

The non-communications sectors will also welcome these students especially in roles like marketing and counselling as the curriculum covers subjects like public speaking and intercultural communications which are widely needed in just about any profession today.

Looking back at the four areas of specialisation, each stands out because every one of the focus areas has a much-needed added value states Wong.

Wong himself who graduated from higher education studies in journalism and communication in the US, spent 20 years teaching and conducting research there before returning to Malaysia.

Those who take up advertising will be able to understand how advertising is tied to branding and how it reflects developments in advertising in the corporate world today. Students who choose public relations will see how it is just one part of persuasion, apart from propoganda and public opinion. At BERJAYA UC, students are also trained to make the necessary connections which help broaden their career horizons and increase options.

Corporate comm students will be made familiar with corporate communications in regular organisational set-ups as well as that in GLCs, which is different. There are also communications in the NGO and NPO organisations, etc. Students can rest assured they will be familiar with all these different organisational structures and practices.

Specialise in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), a relatively new academic discipline, and you can expect to be in the know about the new opportunities and new challenges across advertising, promotions, marketing and sales, which are seen as an integrated mix due to the convergeance of communication tecfhnologies and content in this digital era where social media is more than popular.

“The added value in IMC is that our students specialising in it will have a leg up on other graduates competing in the job market,” informs Wong.

“Besides, taking up communications studies is more than just about making money in jobs and careers; it helps us live more meaningful lives and improves interpersonal communications and human interactions,” Wong adds.

Students who complete their SPM can enrol for BERJAYA UC’s one-year Foundation in Arts and Social Science (FASS) programme. It is designed to prepare students academically, mentally and emotionally for their future degree programme of choice. The exposure and experiences students gain will widen their horizons and broaden their minds for better engagement in discussions and debates. It will also improve learning and discovery.

For more information on BERJAYA UC and its programmes, visit Scholarships for the September 2019 intake are available upon application, provided students meet with the requirements.

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