Young minds, bright sparks

15 May 2019 / 13:06 H.

BEACONHOUSE Newlands Early Years, better known as BNEY, is a premium early-years education provider. It develops young minds following the BNEY curriculum, which is aligned with the best international practices.

The first BNEY school was established in Bukit Pantai, Bangsar and headed by Kelly Robb. Due to its success and that of its assembly of young bright sparks, more schools are set to open in the Klang Valley, beginning with BNEY SS2, now open for registration; followed by BNEY Ampang, opening soon in June this year.

At BNEY, each child’s mind is seen as an uncut gem; and the role of educators and teaching staff is to polish these to shine in creativity and innovation in areas of design, exploration and discovering the world. The BNEY curriculum provides its students with opportunities for hands-on learning experiences within a safe yet challenging environment. Little ones are nurtured and guided by a team of dedicated and experienced teachers.

All “subjects” taught are founded on holistic learning approaches that address the child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development, aimed at preparing them to become passionate lifelong learners. This is further supported with Cambridge educational materials to the transition of students to International Schools.

Over and above, Gymnastics, Speech & Drama, and Swimming classes are provided to develop wider learning capabilities, in addition to the school’s “Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE)” where an interactive Smart Board is used as an aid and unique teaching and learning tool. In all, lessons are fun and interesting, and comprise an open learning system which takes students and teachers beyond the four walls of a classroom.

More recently, a new programme called BNEY Little Tots is introduced and caters to children aged 18 months. It is founded on the firm belief that young children are natural learners and are born with an innate drive to learn from the world around them. There is a natural enthusiasm and thirst to attain knowledge as at their age, their minds are curious and interested to learn, and when stimulated, optimum brain development occurs. Hence, BNEY Little Tots’ exploratory curriculum focuses on developing a child’s communication and language skills, creative expressions, physical abilities and well-being, and personal and social aptitudes.

Little Tots students can expect to receive rich sensorial and aesthetic experiences that are enjoyable, plus opportunities to explore sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures. As they observe, do and imitate, see and experience, they gain abundant knowledge and develop a love for learning.

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