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15 Jan 2019 / 16:34 H.

Leverage on online learning

If you have intentions to advance your career or change careers altogether, attaining postgraduate qualification would be helpful. Working individuals can earn a postgraduate degree without taking time off work by way of an online postgraduate programme, which allows you to log in to an online “class” and study at a place and time suitable to your schedule.

By signing up for an online programme, you can also widen your professional network and meet like-minded individuals with similar goals in advancing their careers. Learning and engaging with others from different backgrounds, experiences and across geographical locations promote an enriched study experience and widens your connections. Fellow students and online facilitators can also become invaluable additions to your professional development and future career opportunities.

As technology has already changed the way we work and live and with the dynamic digital landscape constantly altering the job market, studying online gets you more than a degree. By using technology to learn and engage with fellow students, you can develop collaboration, communication and digital skills, and become agile in adapting to a variety of work spaces and places. All these transferable skills build upon your core capabilities, as a surplus to your degree, and help increase your value as an employee.

As digital skills are crucial in today’s job market, studying for a degree online gives you an edge and advantage in your current and future places of work.

In looking for a promotion or applying for a new role, your online study experiences, alongside your commitment towards further education, will stand out with your current and future employer.

Overall, flexibility is what makes the online study environment increasingly popular among postgraduate students. As this mode of study wins favour with more and more students, increasing numbers of universities are making the option readily available. However, not all online study options are equal. Here are important areas to consider:

Accredited qualification from a respected university.

Study through Asia e University (AeU), one of Asia’s premier Open Distance Learning (ODL) universities and earn a degree and testament that is exactly the same as students who study on campus.

Course designed for the online environment.

Research the online study experience offered and select a university that offers courses which are purpose-built for online learners that consider students’ different needs and challenges. AeU provides students a dynamic and engaging learning experience comprising weekly discussions, quizzes and assessments that help students further understand their course work.

Career advancement opportunities.

Look for a university that provides opportunities to develop your professional skills and advance your career, and values your career as much as you do. At AeU, their connections are your connections.

Tailored support options.

Balancing work, study and/or family commitments can be tricky. Inquire about AeU’s suite of support options, which include extended support hours. These can help students achieve their study goals, advance their careers and still have time for other things that matter.

Check out AeU’s festive promotion for its Online MBA and Online MEd programmes. Each of these prorgammes can be completed within a period of just 18 months.

The Festive Special fee for the Online MBA programme is RM14,800 (all inclusive). For enquiries, please call/WhatsApp 014-9629 903 / Direct line 03-50223417 / email or visit the microsite at for details.

The Online MEd programme is offered at RM11,880 (all inclusive). For enquiries, please call/WhatsApp 010-7699903 / email or visit the microsite at for details.

Online PhD graduates of 2018 with the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Siow Heng Loke (centre).

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