Delight in a worry-free new year with Morinaga Chil-kid

13 Feb 2019 / 11:15 H.

Adequate supply of nutrients is detrimental when it comes to children’s growth and development. A proper diet should include a wide range of nutritious foods that contain vitamins and minerals among other essential nourishing ingredients. If these are tasty to the child’s palate, it will be all the easier to get your child to eat healthy.

Ideally, Morinaga Chil-kid is improved with a mild vanilla taste and less sugar, making the formula more oishi! A delight to the taste buds - the formula also provides appropriate nutrients that support the growth and development of a child. Its content of essential nutrients include GOS, AA, DHA, Nucleotides, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamins E and C, Taurine, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium.

The formula is produced and fully imported from a state-of-the-art plant in the Netherlands and is produced using modern Japanese technology, which complies to stringent double-safety standards. Morinaga Chil-kid is also halal-certified.

During this festive time, with all the going out-and-about to open-houses and feasting, indulging in all kinds of foodstuff including Chinese New Year sweets and treats - ensure your child gets the right nutrients with Morinaga Chil-kid. Moreover, Morinaga Milk Malaysia is offering a special price for first-time consumers who will be able to purchase a pack of Morinaga Chil-kid 700g at just RM20 (RCP RM55). Those interested in this trial pack will need to leave their details at

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