Fermentation for the ultimate probiotics

04 Mar 2019 / 16:27 H.

REGULAR methods of preparing probiotics such as freeze-drying, centrifuging or ultrafiltration involves drastic changes in temperature, which destroys the best condition for friendly bacteria to survive. The addition of preservatives and pasteurisation further weakens the lactic acid bacteria.

After 30 years of research, Dr Iichiroh Ohhira perfected the fermentation process in Japan by using seasonal fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds as prebiotics for eight strains of live, lactic acid bacteria. It further strengthens the bacteria as they secrete molecules that are beneficial for us through their fermentation process.

Scientists are realising that it might not be the probiotics themselves that helps our gut, rather the molecules and chemicals that they secrete –the postbiotics– that are actually of benefit to us. Hence, Ohhira strongly believes in a natural multi-year fermentation process to ensure the bioavailability of lactic acid bacteria.

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