MAKKAH: A patient, suffering from health problems, could not sleep and cried all night, while another patient refused medicine because she was worried that the effect of the medicine would disrupt her focus when praying.

These two are among the cases handled by spiritual medical officer Dr Ahmad Fahmi Md Sahray at Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) Health Centre here.

“Recently, there was a patient who was admitted here, the illness was not critical but the patient has a deep spiritual question - asking why God gave such a test and the patient could not sleep all night.

“We explored the issue. Alhamdulillah, the patient was able to get through it and return to normal,” he told reporters here.

Dr Ahmad Fahmi said spiritual treatment or care emphasises counselling and engages with patients with compassion to understand and help them overcome their problems.

“On average, patients who were admitted in the ward have a component that causes stress and anxiety and through this spiritual care, they can overcome that anxiety, gain strength to face difficult situations, and then complete the hajj,“ he said.

According to him, spiritual treatment or care is complementary to health services and has been practised in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Meanwhile, Makkah Medical Operations director Dr Amin Sah Ahmad said in addition to spiritual treatment, the health centre has 194 beds with various facilities such as medical laboratories, radiology and ambulances as well as sufficient medicines for this hajj season.

He said the health centre which also housed 12 specialists including in the respiratory, emergency and orthopaedic fields and could be categorised as a minor specialist hospital.

Chief Specialist Dr Nabilah Salman Parasi @ Sulaiman said that with the expertise and facilities available, the health centre is also ready to deal with any possible cases of new germs or bacteria that arise during the hajj season.-Bernama