MOSCOW: French consumer price index (CPI), used as a measure of inflation, reached 6.1 per cent in July year-on-year, breaking a new record since 1985, Sputnik reported, quoting the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) on Friday.

“Year on year, consumer prices grew by 6.1 per cent after 5.8 per cent in June. This increase in inflation resulted from the acceleration of service ( 3.9 per cent after 3.3 per cent), food (6.8 per cent after 5.8 per cent) and, to a lesser extent, manufactured goods prices (2.7 per cent after 2.5 per cent),“ the INSEE said.

High energy prices largely contributed to the booming inflation despite slightly slowing down their year-on-year growth from 33.1 per cent in June to 28.5 per cent in July.

Consumer prices in France grew by 0.3 per cent in July compared to the first summer month, which demonstrated CPI growth of 0.7 per cent.-Bernama