CoolSaver to produce energy saving devices locally

02 Apr 2019 / 14:52 H.

PETALING JAYA: A global green tech outfit – CoolSaver International Holding Ltd – has plans to produce energy saving devices and concepts to meet the demands of local commercial and household markets with a local partner here.

Its CEO Thomas Nordgren said the company is looking at the possibility of the country becoming a hub for Swedish green technology in view of the present heatwave gripping many parts of the world.

“The discussions remained private for now as we cannot reveal the name of the prospective local partner but it is fruitful and we hope to seal the deal soon.”

He assured that the product is a market proven technology with energy savings recorded in as many as 20 countries that it has invested in since 2015.

He also expressed confidence that the return on investments can be felt within 30 months through lower operating costs while households incur less electricity bills.

Speaking with theSun, Nordgren and his Malaysian representative Elsa Aeria said discussions with the local partner centred on commercial production of the device which is called moisture filter gadgets.

Coolsaver has the capacity to serve commercial and private consumer needs as its filter gadgets can easily be installed or placed in refrigerators and air–conditioning system with a promise of some 20% in energy savings.

“We feel that Malaysia has the right mix to grow our market share. There is also a growing awareness about green technology and the prevailing climate change.”

Coolsaver has a limited range of distribution as it considers itself to be relatively new in the local marketplace, having just come to Malaysia last year.

But once the agreement is sealed to produce its products in Malaysia, the company envisions a strong growth prospect, especially with the country experiencing climate challenges in recent years.

Among its customers are food and beverage outlets with large chill rooms, hospitals, offices with central air conditioned systems, households’ with free standing refrigerators and commercial chilled warehouses.

Aeria said she was also focusing on private households, adding that in Penang several families have expressed delight with the device.

Essentially, the filter device has the ability to allow the compressors of all chilling devices to work less, yet produce the same cold temperature setting.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden, Aeria said that it is the only system to use surface chemistry catalytic reactions to extract moisture from industrial and commercial cooling systems.


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